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    UXC Eclipse Acquires Tectura North America

    We are delighted to announce UXC Eclipse (USA) Inc has completed the acquisition of Tectura (USA) LLC, Tectura (AES) LLC and Tectura (Canada East) Limited, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Tectura Corporation.

    As a leading provider of intelligent business solutions in the enterprise and mid-markets, UXC Eclipse recognized the depth of consulting skills within Tectura and the synergy between the two organizations. It is a great opportunity to bring together and grow two very similar businesses with a core Microsoft Dynamics focus, strong consulting teams and established market presence.

    For more information on UXC Eclipse, our solutions and services, please visit www.uxceclipse.com.


    Tectura Applied Engineering Solutions

    Applied Engineering Solutions, a division of Tectura, specializes in improving complex systems and solutions for clients whose products and processes must meet the most demanding regulatory controls and requirements. From initial concept through testing and validation, Tectura Applied Engineering Solutions provides development, management and production solutions that lead to better products and processes.

    In a world where the development of high-quality products and services is more complex than ever, Tectura Applied Engineering Solutions designs and manages clear, effective, solutions and processes that reduce risk, ensure compliance, improve performance, accelerate time to market, and create a competitive advantage.

    Industry Expertise

    Industry Expertise

    With over 25 years of experience in the aerospace industry, Tectura has been a partner of choice in helping clients achieve success.

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    ISO Certified

    Tectura receives a “perfect score” for ISO 9001/AS9100 - successfully renewing its certifications with BSI Management Systems,

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    Software Development

    Client Success Story

    Read the client success Story about a custom software development and xRM project for a global healthcare provider.

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